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Zaurus upgrade - Alex Belits
Zaurus upgrade
Yesterday I have received a 1G compactflash card, and decided to upgrade my Zaurus SL-5500 from OpenZaurus 3.2 (stable) to 3.3.5 (not so stable). After backing up everything to the aforementioned card, I have re-flashed Zaurus, and discovered that:

1. CF cards support (at least when I switch between the flash memory and Spectrum24 CF 802.11b cards) sucks, and cardmgr sometimes crashes. Using the card monitor applet and shutting down the card before pulling it out seems to help but now always. Restarting PCMCIA support is usually unhelpful because driver can be locked up. Similar problems were described in the README.FIRST, but not this one, so I guess, it's specific for "exotic" chipsets (original Sharp ROM doesn't support it at all).

2. Opie Media Player that was in the distribution branch did not work, for some reason it couldn't find its plugins, crashed when reading skins, etc. Unstable version from opie.handhelds.org behaved the same way, however the older version from openzaurus "stable" feed (along with codecs from the same feed) had no problems, other than stupidity that I have already seen, such as screwing up suspend/resume if it was playing while suspending (but it looks like suspend works if it stopped). You have to stop or even exit from it on suspend, or write a suspend script tnat kills it.

3. GUI package installer still could be smarter about handling multiple available versions. It's supposed to be Debian-like, so I expect at least some resemblance of dselect.

Everything else worked just fine, so after manually installing whatever GUI installer didn't like, moving root's home to the ramdisk (don't waste those write cycles), and making symlinks to keep Opera happy about its icons, I have got a usable system again. However at this point I would rather recommend others to stick with 3.2 and wait until the next release, 3.2's cards support never gave any problems to me.
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