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Weather, work, Ethernet... - Alex Belits
Weather, work, Ethernet...
For weeks hot weather caused some unhuman conditions in my laboratory. Today, after we have finised installation of blinds and just completed the massive upgrade of ventilation system, I went to work and was met halfway to it... with a really big thunderstorm. I love Denver's weather, it has a sense of humor.

Other than that things are going well if a bit slow -- after few changes in the design I have ended up with something that works well on a testing rig, and can be reasonably easy mass-produced using some ideas that I see as "kinda clever" compared to what others are doing (Shuttle SS40G -- BOOO for your thermal design, brute force and poor understanding of things that determine heat transfer speed may make things work, but it's obvious that no one tried to optimize that heatsink with heat pipes and airflow around it for any imaginable parameter).

Still some pieces are missing, but no major problems are left -- or it seems so.

At home I am still in the middle of the project to connect the building to the Internet through a T-1 line (BOOO Qwest, for everything, for the great locations you have found for your COs, so most of the city has no ADSL, good luck being the first company that partnered with Microsoft and wasn't royally screwed in the end). I have worried about the wiring between phone closets and apartments, but to my surprise I have found those 36 years old phone wiring pieces to be able to pass Ethernet despite being made against all specifications, so at least in some places I can avoid messing with HomePNA bridges -- a backbone for the building still has to be Cat5, but that's easy, there is enough space in conduits.

Other than that, life is rather boring.
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