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...and more, and more burnination - Alex Belits
...and more, and more burnination
I have done some tweaking of the heatsinks, found the minimum amount of coolant that still works with the geometry that I have, measured different configurations, and ended up with CPU temperature reaching 65-66C with outside temperature 30C under load (2 BurnK7 processes), again, measured by motherboard sensors. Idle temperature under the same conditions is 54-56C. The whole thing behaves in a linear manner, so at 25C it will be 60-61C under maximum load, 49-51C idle, and at 22C it would be 57-58C load, 46-48C idle. This is in a 1u case, with both CPUs being cooled by a single blower, and none of the CPU airflow touching other parts on the motherboard. No, I would not recommend this for some 1337 overclocking, but it makes a pretty reliable server.

However even though Trogdor is designed to tolerate 30C ambient, I have got yet another confirmation that I am not, even in a dry Denver air. Burnination of a "peasant" from Belarus, indeed ;-)

Current Mood: burninated

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