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More Trogdor stuff... - Alex Belits
More Trogdor stuff...
Not really much happened over the last few days -- I worked on Trogdor, slightly reduced the temperatures, and probably will have the final version of the cooling system in 1-2 days. Power supplies still need work -- 350W version is fine, but 400W and 460W still have to be built and tested, I only have covers for them. After looking at the airflow paths I have decided that even though there is no way to keep its path as clear as I would do if I did it from scratch, the original design of those power supplies had it even worse, and with my changes it will still be better. Not really much of a trick considering that my case allows more space for fans, and I put four fans where originally they had three.

The increased airflow (in part compensated by its lower efficiency) is not wasted though -- air is then passed to the motherboard, and it's cool enough for everything but CPUs (that are cooled by a separate airflow branch). This is still superior to the traditional version where the cold air is passed to CPUs, then hot air from them is blown all over the motherboard.

Tried to find out what should be done to make this acceptable for dual Opterons, and so far it looks like if I'll keep the rest of design the same, I will need to move the motherboard 15-20mm to leave enough space for the heatsinks, so I will have to sacrifice the second full-size PCI board space. Again, still sufficient for additional GbE cards (with custom bracket), so I guess it's not too high price for a properly cooled dual Opteron.

The rest of things seem to be fine, however I haven't seen yet the thumbscrews and stainless steel panels. Should order all that when I'll complete the drawings.
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