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Some improvements to Radish - Alex Belits
Some improvements to Radish
I made those root filesystem builder and installer scripts some time ago, and they worked very well for all my Debian and Ubuntu installations. Still there were some glaring deficiencies in them, most notably the tendency of leaving mounted filesystem images on failures, and installer not creating a large enough /boot partition for kernels and especially ramdisks that grew up in size.

Now I can anounce that those problems are a thing of the past, as new updates to Radish were committed to its git repository.

If anyone did not keep track of those (what should be pretty much the whole population of Earth except for myself), Radish is a set of shell scripts that can produce a pre-built small root filesystem image ("small root" part being the reason for calling it Radish) for Debian and Ubuntu Linux, and produce bootable storage devices using that image.

The images can be updated with more software, or scripts can be modified to include whatever software the user wants to add. Installer script generates a partition table / MBR and two partitions used for MBR-based installation of Linux. The installer also takes care of resizing the root filesystem to fit the partition, and updates UUIDs, so they remain unique among installations. This is important for handling multiple removable devices where identical filesystems can create a great amount of grief when multiple devices (such as USB and SATA-connected drives) are connected to the same Linux box.

Still no GPT/UEFI support at the moment, and installer is limited to Debian and Debian-like systems.
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