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TV upgrade -- HDHomeRun and MythTV 0.22 - Alex Belits
TV upgrade -- HDHomeRun and MythTV 0.22
abelits From: abelits Date: December 4th, 2009 03:35 am (UTC) (Link)
Glad you're having better luck with over the air than I am. I got one of those damn USB stick ATSC receivers from Pinnacle

Hauppauge HVR-950 is a stick, and it's not really that bad -- my problems with it are mostly with how drivers and MythTV handle error recovery. HDHomeRun never gets stuck, however it still sees dropped data on some channels when connected to my "rabbit ears" antenna.

before they handed off to another company and it's damn near unreliable unless I'm located outdoors or within the closest city to the transmitters.

It helps being located right across the bay from a giant TV tower on a huge hill. Digital TV transition would be less of a pain in the ass if they made sure that new transmitters actually can be heard by people who had usable analog signal.
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