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Clarification - Alex Belits
For a long time I did not post anything here. I felt that I should provide some clarification about my (usually unflattering) description of Americans and American society, yet any attempt to express it in an entry ended up being too long and barely readable. Without finishing that entry I didn't feel like posting anything else, so I had to finish or abandon it at some point. The following is still too long, however it serves a purpose of clarification by being umm... clear.

First of all, about taking things personally. I thought, it should be obvious that I am not even trying to provide some kind of all-inclusive description, or even a stereotype that is supposed to apply to everyone in US. Plenty of people who live in US do not share typical American ideas, personality traits, goals and fads I describe as American. Not each and every American I have ever seen is an ignorant, arrogant, fanatical self-destructive misanthrope. The problem is, enough Americans are all those things, so those traits prevail and spread through society, everyone is stuck dealing with them, and the society that produces them. This is something that I don't want to play down.

There are ideas that for Americans were the constant background over their whole lives. Just like the idea that your reflection in the mirror swaps right and left but not up and down despite being completely unaffected by gravity. Things that most people never thought of analyzing or questioning, things that no one can expect to be rewarded for analyzing. And things that, as opposed to question about mirror, have direct effect on the way how everyone -- including me -- lives in US.

American ideology is based on "freedom" being valuable, ownership of "property" being a right capable of trumping everything else, yet "fairness" being a domain of some kind of divine force or expected fundamental property of the Universe that people should not meddle with, lest it will affect someone else's "freedom". With "freedom" more often than not being defined as unrestricted ability to control other people through the above mentioned "property" and positions in powerful organizations, and "fairness" including basic things such as survival or not being imposed an obligation for anything a person could not possibly provide.

I see this as a total nonsense, and everyone who actually has this set of priorities as a dangerous idiot. Sure, not everyone in US worships "freedom", has life goals identical to "American Dream", and believes that he should sheepishly accept beatings he receives from the rich and powerful. However the sad truth is, every single time something depends on the popularity of those ideas, the society as a whole supports and promotes them while driving all opposition to them into total irrelevance.

I would have no problem if the majority -- stupid, retarded by worldwide standards American majority -- was so humiliated by intellectually superior minority that it voluntarily removed itself from making decisions it clearly isn't qualified to make, just like all self-recognized stupid or apathetic people do everywhere outside US. I would be slightly less happy if instead of humiliating the stupid, society enforced the progress by directly oppressing intellectually incapable people, though it would be still a very reasonable solution in the absence of healthier relationship with the stupid.

But Americans -- including best, smartest and most qualified to improve their own society -- made no effort to advance their society into that direction. Churches are allowed to indoctrinate little kids with their superstitions, adults that are grown from those infected kids flock to their leaders, they get instructions how to live their lives, what to love and what to hate, whom to vote for, and how to submit their kids to the same process, and the cycle goes on and on without as much as attempt of resistance or subversion. What means, at the scale of the country, at the scale where politicians, businesses, educators -- everyone who affects lives of others -- operate on behalf of the public, it's nothing but self-perpetuating screams coming from stupid people. People who believe that mythological characters will reward them after death, people who believe that tomorrow they will happily join "upper" or "middle" class as a result of some clever scheme, people who value hurting others more than all other emotions they can feel, and other similar kinds of freaks.

Even among those who should have known better, most are infected at some extent -- they are so mesmerized by this idea of "freedom", they believe they shouldn't subject the stupid to any kind of propaganda or humiliation despite the fact that those stupid people are all but swimming in propaganda and encouragement that perpetuates their own stupidity.

Does the magical word "FREEEEEEEDOM!!!!" you have heard since the moment you were born disable your capability to analyze any situation? If so, I guess, you are among those whom I call stupid American majority. If not, I apologize for any possible misunderstanding -- I don't think, I personally went through any process where I had to reject such a significant part of my upbringing, so I can only proclaim my respect for you. However your society is still evil, and you should be ashamed of it.
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From: (Anonymous) Date: June 8th, 2011 06:52 am (UTC) (Link)
What are your thoughts about Russians?
abelits From: abelits Date: June 8th, 2011 07:26 am (UTC) (Link)
I am Russian.
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