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Desk - Alex Belits

From left to right, bottom to top:

  1. Playstation 2, controller, unrelated assorted remote controls (under the desk)
  2. Western Electric Model 500 phone (made in 1952).
  3. X-10 CP290 control panel with RS-232 interface.
  4. Desktop computer (Athlon XP, Gentoo Linux). Among other things, runs Asterisk PBX and MythTV.
  5. Rabbit ears TV antenna (used to receive HDTV channels with Hauppauge WinTV HVR-950 USB tuner and grabber attached to the desktop computer).
  6. Linksys SPA2102 dual analog phone adapter (connected to the phone with LPT300 pulse to tone converter)
  7. Two Linksys WRT54G wireless routers (top one running DD-WRT, bottom one running customized build of OpenWRT with the usual networking software plus Asterisk PBX, acting as a proxy/redirector for phone adapter and another Asterisk on the desktop computer).
  8. Averatec 2150 laptop computer running Ubuntu Linux. Two mini-dongles (receiver for Logitech VX Nano wireless mouse and Kensington Bluetooth USB Micro adapter) can be seen in its USB ports on the right side of the case.
  9. Dual gooseneck desk lamps. Bought in 2000 with bakelite lamp sockets and external cords -- since then old sockets crumbled and were replaced with stamped brass sockets, and cords pulled inside the goosenecks. Controlled by X-10 switch.
  10. Sony DCR-TRV320 DV camera (attached to the desktop computer with firewire, records DV on 8mm tapes).
  11. Porcelain mug and a teaspoon.
  12. IBM Model M keyboard (42H1292, a relatively late version with blue logo, built in 1999 in UK).
  13. Hauppauge remote control that came with Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250 (behind the keyboard, used to control MythTV).
  14. Infrared receiver for the remotes attached to the bottom of the screen.
  15. LG L226W widescreen monitor.
  16. Mechanical alarm clock.
  17. Logitech V450 laser mouse (wheel tilt is supported and mapped to Alt-Reft and Alt-Right to be used as "back"/"forward", this mouse and the Model M keyboard are shared between all three computers using synergy).
  18. OLPC XO-1 laptop, running Ubuntu Linux from an additional SD card.
  19. Macally iOptiJr mouse connected to XO laptop.
  20. Altec Lansing VS-2121 speaker (left speaker is behind the Averatec laptop, subwoofer is under the desk).
  21. AC adapter for LG VX8300 phone that I have mentioned before.

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