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Permaban - Alex Belits
I see, Dr.Fred finally found an excuse to permaban me for repeatedly insulting his great masters.

Good job -- now go back to Microsoft cheerleading, and try to provide Windows support on the forums that will be anywhere close to my contributions to Linux and software development-related threads. I have heard, Vista SP1 is going to be released soon, so don't forget to pretend that it will make Vista into the best OS ever.

Microsoft employees on the forums are counting on you.


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From: mattbelcher Date: December 20th, 2007 03:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
That sucks. I enjoyed your software development posts. In particular I think you gave one of the best write-ups of OO-design I've ever seen on a forum. I'll keep reading your blog.
abelits From: abelits Date: December 21st, 2007 03:24 am (UTC) (Link)
While I was on the forums I didn't post a lot of software-related things here because usually there was a relevant discussion on the forums, and I felt that it would be easier and more useful to post things in the context of a meaningful discussion rather than in the context of my personal windbaggery, and possibly help some people with details along the way.

Apparently for Dr.Fred it's more important to keep his Microsoft Pride from being occasionally hurt than to have me contributing to the forum, and admins see nothing wrong with this choice. If they want to turn Microsoft into a sacred cow, I guess, I don't have much to say there anyway -- even if Dr.Fred/Sasquatch!/... team does not realize that, a lot of things that I criticize are used, promoted or encouraged by Microsoft, so if they want to be consistent, they should better censor that, too.

On one hand, I have seen enough pointless posts and mountains built out of molehills on software-related personal blogs -- I don't want to look like Joel Spolsky, but the format of personal blog about software calls for more pompous presentation of the ideas than I am accustomed to, and a choice of subject is better done when people have a discussion rather than when I have an inspiration to write an entry on the current state of ATI drivers for Linux or what things I consider to be important holes in the knowledge of programmers raised on massive, recently developed environments such as Java. On the other hand, maybe it will be better to post some things as standalone pieces, so they will be more readable later for people who don't want to read old megathreads. Not to say that I consider everything I write to be valuable as something standalone, but maybe it will be better to write some things intended to be that way.

If anyone has a suggestion of a better place to discuss those things, I can join another forum, too.
(Deleted comment)
abelits From: abelits Date: December 23rd, 2007 08:48 am (UTC) (Link)
I figured this is a wake up call from posting on SA.

It's not like my posting on SA was a complete waste of time, some smart and interesting people post there. I don't know if it was worth for me dealing with thin-skinned retards, I lived in USSR with its media's political hangups, I participated in various boards/newsgroups flamewars since Fidonet, so my tolerance for both trolls and administrative assholes is pretty high. It taken a lot for Dr.Fred to even make me spell it out for him that what he demands is to prohibit a specific point of view that is in no way refuted or obsoleted within the context of discussion, and is merely something that he happens to oppose.

It was surprising for me that judging by some reactions after the ban, a lot of other people feel uncomfortable when faced with any kind of opposition to their views, so they probably just happen to believe in everything mods are eager to defend, and see no problems with turning forums into circlejerks as long as it's their circlejerks. I still see forums as valuable for discussing things that mods don't care about (and mods, just like Party censors, are not smart enough to care about great many things), but apparently I have overestimated thinking abilities of their participants. They couldn't say something like "This design is in line with Microsoft traditions, however regardless of its origin it's good because..." or "You have valid criticism of Microsoft, but it doesn't matter when choosing a job, because I like working for evil organizations and recommend everyone to do the same". None of which guarantees them an instant win, but would make all my points about Microsoft unrelated to their position. But this is what an intelligent person would do.

Besides don't you have better things to do then :post: in some silly little forum?

I guess so, I just don't like this position when at one point people treat forum as great and important organization, originator of all Internet humor, keeper of sanity in Internet discussions, and a great place to talk about all kinds topics, but once anyone pointed out any kind of suckage, it's immediately "Hey, why do you care! Are you some kind of freak? It's a humor forum on the Internet! It's on the Internet, so it can't be important! In fact, I am Lowtax, and I spend most of my day doing things that have nothing to do with the Internet! And I never think about the opinion of any person with whom I communicate over the Internet!".

Use that energy to work for Apple!

Does Apple actually need me there? I didn't sufficiently impress Google and Facebook, two companies that in my opinion could use my help much more than Apple can. I work on embedded systems and audio processing now -- I don't have anything to show as my achievements in that area in the past, but I know that I can do something useful there, it is in line with my knowledge and abilities. I have no idea what Apple would need me for.
(Deleted comment)
abelits From: abelits Date: December 24th, 2007 12:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think you working at Apple to help make Leopard better would be the first step. The launch was better then Vista but there were a lot of problems etc.

I have not seen Leopard yet -- I had a Leopard installation CD for weeks at work, where it was supposed to be used to upgrade my PPC Mac. I use that Mac to develop and test PPC code in a native environment, but it happened that I have spent those weeks building crosscompilers and working with them, and only needed x86 Linux for it. I hope, it launched better than Vista, taking into account what a short range of hardware it has to support, and how it's mostly incremental changes on well-established base technology.

The question is, do I really care? Apple's greatest achievements are in what I can best describe as artistic design of their devices and user interfaces, plus willingness to use technology others developed before (BSD, OpenGL, zfs...). However Apple's contribution into OS design was miniscule lately, and they completely abandoned all attempts to make complex kinds of computing available for the "common user", letting MS Office and VB (that is neither good nor suited for "common user") to fill that space. I think, Wozniak should be disappointed at how it turned out.

Besides what do you have to loose in checking their job posting out?

I'll look.

Also the Cupertino campus is really cool and there are a lot of hot chicks who work there as well (A lot of them in IT/Engineering).

No idea how that compares -- right now I am supposed to be living in the middle between yuppies (Emeryville), gangsters (Oakland) and hippies (Berkeley), however having spent so little time there and not being a social person, I only know few people.

I mention that in the thread because your online persona comes off that way.

So you decided to participate in Dr.Fred's bootlicking session by dragging my name through mud, supporting that by your (nearly nonexistent) knowledge about me in real life, providing support to every accusation thrown at me, and doing it in a situation when you know, I will not be able to defent my reputation? Telling it to people who will probably never talk to me again, and who, thanks in part to you, will likely refuse to talk to me even if they will see me on IRC or in real life?

Do you realize how your supposedly authoritative opinion (knows him in Real Life!) painted me in front of people with whom I discussed various software-related topics over the last four years, and with whom I may happen to talk, or work with later? Who may some day have to decide if they want to work with me on some development or research project later? I was known as teapot long before SA existed, and will be known under that name for a long time after the permaban, so you can't claim that no harm is done because it's just some semi-anonymous account on a board where no one says anything of importance.
abelits From: abelits Date: December 24th, 2007 12:47 pm (UTC) (Link)

SH/SC is not GBS, where people discuss shitting pants and dating LARPers, it is a place where people actually managed to have intelligent discussion. It's a place where I was able to get a lot of good information and feedback about my ideas. Sure, it is moderated by idiots such as Dr.Fred and Sasquatch!, who would look retarded even if they posted in BYOB. However do you realize that the only thing that keeps them from permabanning everyone who makes them look stupid is understanding that it would make them look incompetent as both professionals and SA mods? And how they would be perceived as contributing to turning SH/SC forum to shit if they did it, unless they managed to mount a popular support for this?

In that thread Dr.Fred felt that there is enough popular outrage about me bringing up Microsoft being a bunch of scumbags in a thread where people discussed merits of joining the aforementioned bunch of scumbags, so he finally got his wish. But it was you and other people who cheered him later, encouraging him to do the same in the future, telling him that this is what SH/SC goons want. And this is precisely why technical and discussion forums on SA forums turn into GBS-like crap. Didn't various lolicon/furry/whatever-other-unworthy-of-attention-stuff crusades teach you how easy it is on SA to rile up huge numbers of goons over nothing, and start throwing accusations and bans like confetti?

In other words, my reaction to your post in that thread can be best described as rolleyes vomiting rolleyes vomiting rolleyes ad infinitum.
abelits From: abelits Date: December 23rd, 2007 12:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
P.S. I also take offense at your post where you called me "passive aggressive" (yes, I have seen the rest of the thread, it came up in a Google search for "teapot permaban", I wanted to see if anyone gives a shit). "Passive aggressive" how it is used on SA, covers pretty much anything hostile almost up to the level of violence, that its target is trying to present as some kind of ineffective hostility. It replaced "rage against the machine" on the forums when ridiculousness of that expression sunk in.

As opposed to some people, I spend most of my time doing something useful that improves other people's lives, so I am sure, I can afford to dislike things.
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