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Celsius on cheap computer thermometers - Alex Belits
Celsius on cheap computer thermometers
Many cheap thermometers that you can find in computer stores are versions of Faton TM1210, with a flat resistor probe preconfigured to show temperature in Fahrenheit.
Since no one wants to see a temperature of anything inside the computer in Fahrenheit, here is the procedure to change it to Celsius.

  1. Remove TM1210 modules from whatever frame they are installed into.

  2. Open the battery compartment and remove the battery

  3. Using a screwdriver open the module by prying open two of four slots along either edge. There are hooks visible on the side of the module case, however pushing them in is dangerous -- a screwdriver can damage the board inside.

  4. Remove the rear cover and board. Don't touch the LCD contact strip inside.

  5. Using a soldering iron, remove a solder bead from two pads, marked by a red rectangle on the photo.

  6. Put the card back into the case, LCD contact strip should be on the same side as the row of contacts at the edge of the card.

  7. Close the rear cover, passing the probe wires through the opening in it.

  8. Install the battery and battery cover.

  9. If necessary, place the module back into its frame.


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