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And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIGHT! - Alex Belits
And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIGHT!
...and he is two weeks late. I was unlucky enough to order the case prototype when sheet metal shop was overloaded, so instead of one week it took them three to build the case. The new 1u case is finally sitting in my lab, missing two brackets and thumbscrews, but otherwise completed and usable for building a computer that is usually referred to as Trogdor due to its unorthodox layout and thermal design.

Now I see that I was right about the new design of the 1u motherboard standoffs (hooray! now they can be easily moved around, so anything remotely resembling ATX can be installed), and that all parts fit except ones that I haven't finalized yet (precisely because I wanted to check them against the new case). Surprisingly, the parts that I didn't have, and only guessed their dimensions when ordering the case, fit, too, so it looks like I can continue my work without much of a trouble, as long as the cooling systems will be ok.
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mindslide From: mindslide Date: April 20th, 2004 06:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
:) Good to see you doing well. How was woof's visit?
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