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Alex Belits
Sunray on Debian Unstable
I have decided to "upgrade" our thin client from Javastation to Sunray. The server is Debian Unstable. Sun refuses to acknowledge that there are non-RPM Linux distributions. Instructions exist only for Debian Stable. And Sunray that I have seems to dislike the set of boot options in examples, so I had to dig for them here, and finally made it boot.

TFTP update was easy, I just had to look through the logs to configure DHCP for the right version.

Then everything worked except for X server -- Sun made its scripts for their version of gdm that did not work on Unstable. After explaining regular gdm that it has to receive displays configuration from Sunray server, and editing scripts so they don't look for weird executable names, I have finally got the gdm login screen on Sunray.

Then I "only" had to fix resolution configuration, and build audio device modules, so audio is redirected to Sunray over the network.

I guess, now I have to convert this into a set of usable patches, so others won't have to do it by trial and error.

Edit #1: Ubuntu-specific guide was helpful, too, however some files are different in Debian and Ubuntu.

Edit #2:

1. Cairo in the current Debian Unstable is broken on Sunray X server and possibly on other X servers that don't have Render extension. It shows itself by refusing to accept any input after the user tries to drag an icon in Nautilus, and everything remains frozen until Nautilus is killed from another terminal. Rebuilding libcairo2 from sources fixes the problem.

2. Hideous chain of different sound streaming protocols that is necessary to play audio streams over the Internet (RTP/RTSP/... -> ESD -> audio device -> Sunray protocol), can cause sound stuttering. Apparently mplayer has this problem but xine (and everything that uses xine engine) doesn't.
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