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Alex Belits
Those who have relatively old laptops or embedded systems without NVME support, may find it interesting that there is such a thing as a 2T mSATA SSD. It is hidden inside 2T Samsung T5 external SSD -- those small drives are mSATA enclosures with USB3 interface.

To open the SSD case, remove stickers on both ends and four screws under stickers. Boards are mounted on the plastic frame that can be pulled out toward the USB-C connector side. The drive identifies itself as "Samsung Portable SSD T5, MVT42P1Q" and reports 3907029168 512-byte sectors, so both GPT and MBR partition tables will work on it.

This also means that now my Thinkpad X220 laptop now has total 6TB in SSD storage -- in addition to having 4T SSD in its SATA bay I have swapped its internal 1T mSATA SSD with external one from T5. Speaking of X220, I have seen an X220 board with bent mSATA connector pins that can break horribly when someone tries to install a drive for the first time without checking them first.


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