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Trogdor 64 - Alex Belits
Trogdor 64
Right after I have prepared a Trogdor prototype for testing, wrote a user's manual, and did everything else that precedes getting a sticker with EM and safety approvals, Tyan cancelled the motherboard that I used in it. What meant:

1. I should be ashamed of this.
2. I have to build a version with a different motherboard, what at this point means either dual Xeon or dual Opteron.
3. Since both of those things have a different layout and consume more power than Athlon MP, cooling system has to be changed as well.

Even though I have expected that this will be necessary at some point, it happened sooner than I thought, and I was not happy about it. While being in that not exactly happy mood, I have chosen dual Opteron and dual Xeon boards, designed cooling systems for them, and now built the first prototype of a dual Opteron version, minus the case (waiting for the metal shop as usual). Yesterday that board with two loop thermosyphons, even larger than the original ones, finally was assembled and turned on for the first time -- at this point I can say that the new design seems to be working well.

Xeons are still waiting for the heat exchangers, but that can wait -- it will be a different model, and I expect more from Opterons anyway.

I'll post more details and pictures soon.

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dk379 From: dk379 Date: August 15th, 2005 06:13 am (UTC) (Link)
as you see, with computers, there is no appreciation for vintage...
as, say, for motor-scooters (i have seen big rally today, must be at least 50 restored Vespas at one place).

Which reminds me - today, some guy I met near the cafe (while sitting outside) said he wrote an operating system for some mini (close to PDP-11, but not quite - used 60-bit words), and used paper tape for storage.
He also programmed for RSX-11 and knows rms@
I told him that feel old already because I know what he is talking about
(that was a joke - the guy had a grey beard and was definitely born before hippie era.)
abelits From: abelits Date: August 15th, 2005 06:59 am (UTC) (Link)
A file server at my work is a Digital Personal Workstation 500au, case-modded to fit seven 36.4G Compaq hard drives and a separate power supply for them, running Linux, and storing, among other things a root filesystem for a diskless mini-ITX "office" box.

Not nearly as old as anything running RSX-11, but still with a |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| logo on its front panel.
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