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1337ification of phobos, continued - Alex Belits
1337ification of phobos, continued
Athlon XP 3200+ arrived, and I have installed it (with a Thermaltake Volcano 7+ heatsink). Everything is running fine, however temperature readings that I get from the board are way, off, I should to get the thermometer from work to check what they really are.

I have decided to use Volcano 7+ because I have got the CPU in a OEM package, and even though I had leftover stock heatsinks for similar Socket A CPUs, they were too large, and aluminum to copper contact was made with the screws, what didn't inspire much of a confidence, so I have decided to find something with lower (mass * thermal resistance). I didn't want to make anything custom at work, we only did server cooling systems there, and without a special assembly rig it would be a pain to do anything with a desktop-style square footprint. Among the pre-made heatsinks Volcano 7+ seemed to have the sanest, if simple, design. After being reminded by its look, how much more simple would my server cooling work be if I had the amounts of air and space that are available in a desktop case, I have picked it, lapped the contact surface (it was definitely not flat), assembled the "Socket A" configuration (it was very cheap of them not to make any threading in the holes), installed it on the board that was already in the case (what a pain -- capacitors exactly where my hand should be holding the clip!), and turned it on.

I expected the fan to be noisy, so it wasn't much of a surprise for me, however it looks like I can safely run it at 5000rpm instead of maximum 6000rpm, where it is way too loud even for my, trogdor-hardened tolerance for the fan noise. If I really cared about the noise I would get something larger, and if I wanted to be really "creative" about that, I would make a version of a server cooling system (thermosyphons and all) that fits into a desktop case, but for my purposes it would be a ridiculous overkill.
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