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I made a video of my XO running Ubuntu. Nothing really unusual -- booting up, using wireless networking, running Firefox, watching Youtube video, running writer simultaneously with Firefox in 256M without swap, rotating the screen and switching backlight on and off:

Part 1
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Part 2
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As usual, all video capture, adding titles and format conversion was done on my Linux desktop. Camera is previously mentioned Sony DCR-TRV320, titles added in Kino video editor.

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I have posted Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) installation procedure and files on OLPC News forums. Here is how it looks like:

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Xfce desktop

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For now, this is the easiest way to install it -- and since it works using XO itself for building the boot filesystem, it can be done by people who don't have other boxes running Linux. I will also post the "from scratch" installation procedure that produced those files I have placed into tarball -- they were installed in chroot environment starting from debootstrap.

Edit: I have posted the update with "from scratch" procedure.

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Some people recently asked me about my impressions about XO-1 laptop that I have mentioned one of my recent posts.

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