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After moving to Emeryville I got a local phone number and installed a phone. That would be way too ordinary thing to mention if not this:

  1. The service I have is AT&T DSL line, with no phone service. It doesn't even have a dialtone.
  2. The phone itself is an old rotary phone made by Western Electric (then a part of AT&T).
  3. The phone service is Voicepulse Connect VoIP service.
  4. Asterisk PBX on my home desktop, Linksys SPA2102 dual FXS networked adapter and LPT300 pulse to tone converter (SPA2102, just like all other adapters of this kind, does not understand pulse dialing, produced by rotary phone).
So I have AT&T line, AT&T phone, but not AT&T phone service in any form.

Since SPA2102 is a dual adapter, I have another phone connected to it -- I can even call my own number from it, and it will ring on another phone because Voicepulse Connect allows four simultaneous calls. If neither phone is picked up, Asterisk forwards call to my celphone.

And yes, that's my phone number on it. My old Denver phone number works, too.

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For at least four months I carry a celphone that looks like this:

(yes, the first image is a composite, -- I still have not unpacked my lamps, so I had to take separate photos of LCD and the whole phone to compensate for poor light).

No one notices anything wrong with it.

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